Mike Rosado, cdSummit Austin Attendee

Last year I had the pleasure of it being my second time attending an InnoTech Conference. What motivated me to travel from Dallas and attend the cdSummit at Austin Innotech, was the lineup of all the great visionary DevOps speakers such as Jez Humble, Andy Pemberton, David Lindquist, Chris Lazzaro, C. J. Paul, Boyd Hemphill, JP Morganthal amongst others. They were all from different companies, yet their discussions about the vision of Continuous Delivery had a lot of things in common with different flavors of implementation. Besides these discussions on Continuous Delivery, there were a variety of other very interesting topics regarding Application Security, Enterprise at Scale and Transformations just to name a few. As the cultural movement of DevOps continues to pickup heavy momentum, I am definitely looking forward to meeting and greeting other DevOps enthusiast/practitioners that will be attending this year’s DevOps.com cdSummit co-hosted with Innotech Dallas at the Irving Convention Center on April 6, 2016.

Security is the Center of a DevOps World

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